I’ve had a life-long curiosity about how things grow, function, and interact in nature. I focus in on the physicality of separation and connection, and wonder at similarities between microscopic and cosmic forms.

My textile art is constructed from silk that is sliced and seamed in repetitive turns, inviting arbitrary placement of colors and shapes. Sewing as a creative process allows me to easily divide, mend, and reconfigure as I explore the effects of my actions. Although I invite chance to dominate my technique, I respond to the changes that occur, and orchestrate the final composition.


My most recent series, “The Seasons” is about ceaseless motion and unending time. During a year of upheaval, I followed a pendulum of solace and concern, my attention on the Colorado sky and sun. The conventional winter-spring-summer-fall had outpaced itself and evolved into a daily conversation.

Each artwork in this series is an expression of flickering action and variability. A multitude of color describes this volatility, while line and shape convey direction and strength. Boundless, unrelenting variations in temperature, moisture, and light inspired this series. Persistent, countless moments of wonder and longing guided its creation.

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